Most Powerful Impact Driver

Most Powerful Impact Driver

Are you looking for the most powerful impact driver? You are thinking right because only a powerful tool can deal with jobs involving longer screws and hard materials.

But, there is a wide range of options available in the UK market. So, we have collected some powerful impact drivers to make things easier.

Powerful Impact Driver Purchase In 2023

Here are our 7 powerful impact driver in the UK market.

1. Dewalt DCF887B

Dewalt DCF887B

  • Power Source: Battery (20V)
  • Speed: 3250 PM
  • Weight: 1.22 Kilograms

Dewalt DCF887B is a powerful impact driver equipped with a brushless motor. Most impact driving tools are available with a single-speed, but it has variable speed control for three different settings. Hence, this model is suitable for both professionals and beginners.

The DCF887B works at a maximum torque of 2000 in-lb. Its three LED light is another notable feature that improves visibility in poor gleams. These lights stay on for 20 seconds after leaving the trigger. On top of that, this unit is powered by a lithium-ion battery. So, you can enjoy unrestricted power without looking for any electrical outlets.

Due to lithium-ion technology and brushless motor, Dewalt DCF887B provides more runtime than its competitors. Thanks to a compact design and low weight, this tool is easy to use in confined areas. In addition, it has a 1/4-inch hex chuck that you can load single-handedly.

The most powerful Dewalt impact driver has a 90-day money-back guarantee, which works best if you don’t like it. Plus, there is also a one-year free service contract. In addition, this product has a limited warranty of 3 years. Hence, it’s a risk-free purchase.


2. Bosch Professional 06019G4202 GDX 18 V

Bosch Professional 06019G4202

  • Power Source: Battery (18 V)
  • Speed: 3400 RPM
  • Weight: 1.2 Kilograms

Bosch GDX 18 V could be a perfect purchase if you want a compact and lightweight but powerful impact driver. Thanks to a brushless EC motor, this tool is robust, durable and performance-friendly. It’s also ideal for overhead jobs and easily fits into tight corners.

The GDX 18 V has a comfortable grip, which fits your hand and lets you work without any fatigue. Moreover, it has three level speed selector that gives complete control to you. As per the requirements, you can set this unit to work at 1100, 2300 or 3400 rpm. Apart from that, its maximum impact rate is 4000 ipm.

An integrated LED light makes sure you don’t have to face any hassles even under poor illumination. However, Bosch GDX 18 V does not include a battery or charger. But, it’s compatible with all the Bosch batteries in this voltage range.

This model is an excellent choice if manoeuvrability is your primary concern. In addition, it has a maximum torque of 200 Nm. This model also has a Bluetooth interface that provides feedbacks and service information via smartphone apps. So, this tool is suitable for all professional-grade projects.


3. Makita DTD152Z

Makita DTD152Z

  • Power Source: Cordless (18V)
  • Speed: 2900 RPM
  • Weight: 1.6 Kilograms

Makita DTD152Z is one of the most compact and powerful impact drivers. At a maximum torque of 165 Nm, this model can rise to fame against any rigid materials or long screws. Plus, it’s available at a budget-friendly price tag.

The DTD152Z is compatible with a wide range of screws, including machine screws from M4 to M8, standard bolts from M5 to M16, high tensile bolts from M5 to M12 and coarse threads from 22 to 125mm. It has a top no-load rate of 2900 and an impact rate of 3500. Apart from that, this tool weighs 1.3 kg with an 18V Li-ion battery attached.

Makita DTD152Z has dual LED lights that keep your working surface super-bright. It glows 10 seconds after you leave the trigger. Apart from that, this tool has Extreme Protection Technology (XPT) to keep it safe from water and dust. So, this device can efficiently work under harsh conditions.

Try DTD152Z if you want the most powerful Makita impact driver without making a significant investment. Low weight built and ergonomic design keeps you comfortable. Its handle gives a slip-free hold so that you can work without any disturbance. It might be an ideal purchase if you generally deal with metal, concrete, or hardwood screw driving tasks.


4. Ryobi 0 R18ID2-120SZ 18V

Ryobi 0 R18ID2-120SZ

  • Power Source: Battery (18V)
  • Speed: 3200 RPM
  • Weight: 1.7 Kilograms (With Battery)

Ryobi 0 R18ID2-120SZ 18V could be a solid choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts because of its 200 Nm maximum torque. This tool can efficiently deal with all the screw fastening and loosening tasks with such strength.

Plus, it includes a 2.0 Ah battery and its charger. So, you don’t have to find and purchase any other components apart from this powerful impact driver.

The R18ID2-120SZ 18V has a ¼inch quick-change chuck, which lets you switch the bits without wasting a second. Its maximum no-load speed is 3200 rpm, and the total impact rate is 3600. So, this tool never faces any difficulty while driving or taking out the screws to or from any materials.

A variable speed trigger gives you complete control over the Ryobi 0 R18ID2-120SZ 18V. Furthermore, a LED light lets you drive the screws precisely, even in poorly lit corners. Overall, it’s a budget-friendly and easy to use impact driving tool that does well in most commercial and residential projects.


5. Worx Impact Driver 20V WX261

Worx Impact Driver WX261

  • Power Source: Battery (20V)
  • Speed: 3000 RPM
  • Weight: 3.36 Kilograms

Worx WX261 could be a suitable purchase if you are willing to drive and loosen screws without rinsing your wallet dry. It includes two 2.0Ah batteries and a charger. So, this unit is ideal for long and projects because of its virtually unlimited runtime.

With a maximum torque of 260 Nm and a top speed of 3200 rpm, this impact driving device can tackle challenging projects without any hassles. Plus, it has a variable speed control that lets you set the right pace as per the requirements. This model is also compact and lightweight. So, you can use it in confined spots without any compromises inaccuracy.

Worx WX261 has a 1/4-inch quick-change chuck, which lets you switch the bits easily. Furthermore, it has LED light for better vision in poorly lit spots. Also, there is a LED gauge that shows the battery charge level.

Overall, the WX261 is a powerful impact driver with all the features you need to accomplish commercial or DIY projects. It’s comfortable to use. Hence, you can fasten the screws for prolonged durations without kickbacks or fatigue.


6. GALAX PRO Cordless Impact Driver – DC-20V

GALAX PRO Cordless Impact Driver

  • Power Source: Battery (20V)
  • Speed: 2900 RPM
  • Weight: 1.7 Kilograms

Powerful, lightweight and compact, the Galax Pro DC-20V could be a perfect selection for frequent screw fastening tasks. It’s suitable for both commercial users and DIY enthusiasts. Due to its small dimensions, you can use this tool in tight corners.

With a maximum no-load speed of 2900 rpm, DC-20V powers through any materials and screws. At such speed, you could skip making pilot holes for screws. Moreover, this tool has an ergonomic and soft handle so that you can use it without any trouble.

The DC-20V lets you set its driving speed thanks to a speed control trigger switch. Plus, a temperature control frame extends the run time by reducing overheating. Besides, there is a fully enclosed cell carrier to prevent failure due to vibrations or drops.

The powerful impact driver also has a protective circuit board, which shuts down the supply when the current exceeds its set limit. This device also uses intelligent electronics to prevent abuse and provide optimum performance.

You will like this model even more after knowing it includes a 1.3 Ah battery and charger. So, try it if you want a reliable and time-saving impact driver.


7. Milwaukee M18FID2-0

Milwaukee M18FID2-0X

  • Power Source: Cordless (18V)
  • Speed: 3600 RPM
  • Weight: 1.18 Kilograms

The 18V Milwaukee M18FID2-0 features a power state brushless motor, which generates a maximum torque of 206Nm. Hence, it has ample strength to deal with almost anything. You might not find any screw that this model cannot drive-in.

A combined weight of 1.18 kg is not very high. Plus, Milwaukee M18FID2-0 has a maximum speed of 3600 rpm. On top of that, it comes with four driving modes, wherein each one of them uses different rates and impacts to provide you with desired results. One of the clever modes also adjusts the speed as per the resistance.

Like all powerful impact drivers, the M18FID2-0 has LED gleams to facilitate easy fastening. Moreover, it has a power gauge to let you know when to recharge. Also, there is a belt clip for easy hanging.

Try the M18FID2-0 if you are a commercial woodworking user or a DIY enthusiast. It does not include a battery or charger. So, you might have to spend some extra pounds. However, this unit deceivers what it’s made for and provides the complete worth of your investment.



Dewalt DCF887B is the most powerful impact driver because it overshadows its competitors in terms of performance, durability and efficiency.

Bosch GDX 18 V is equally valuable. However, try Makita DTD152Z if you need a budget-friendly option and go for Ryobi 0 R18ID2-120SZ if you are searching for a powerful impact driver that includes a battery and charger.

Last Updated on January 1, 2023

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