Best Table Saw Under £300

Best Table Saw Under £300

Finding the best table saw under 300 pounds could be challenging.

But, you came to the right place because we have collected some of the top-notch table saws that are available for under £300.

Table saws are costly, but this list is perfect if you are on a tight budget. So, check the recommendations and invest in a tool that suits your preferences.

Table Saw Under £300 Purchase In 2023

Here are our 5 best table saw under £300 in the UK market.

1. Evolution Power Tools FURY5 – S Table Saw

Evolution Power Tools Fury 5-S

  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Bevel Cutting: 45 Degrees
  • Cutting Depth: 85 mm

If you need a multi-purpose table saw, then Evolution Power Tools FURY5 could be a perfect purchase. Almost all the table saws are constructed to deal with wood. But, this model can efficiently deal with steel, plastic, and other non-ferrous metals without changing its blade. Now you know why this cutting tool deserves a top spot in this list.

The Fury5-S is one of the best table saw under £300 primarily because of its powerful 1500W motor that works with an optimized cutting system and gearbox. It achieves up to 60-degree mitre and 45-degree bevel. You can adjust both the settings by turning the wheel at its front or the material pusher.

You should know the value of your investment before purchasing a low-cost table saw. It does not make sense to invest in a cheap cutting machine if it cannot work according to your expectations. But, Fury5-S is a versatile tool that saves your time and offers error-free cutting results.

The FURY5 comes with a warranty of 3 years, which shows the manufacturers trust its quality. So, you can try this unit based on its reliability, high-quality performance, functionality, and longevity.


2. Einhell Table Saw TC-TS 2225 U

Einhell Table Saw TC-TS 2225 U

  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Bevel Cutting: 45 Degrees
  • Cutting Depth: 85 mm

Einhell TC-TS 2225 U is a low-budget table saw that’s hard to ignore because of its high-quality built, compact footprint, and low price tag. It’s a sturdy cutting machine that lasts for decades with proper usage and maintenance. Then, this unit packs a lot of punch. It comes with a 2200W motor that works at 4250 RPM. So, this unit offers precise and efficient cuts.

Furthermore, TC-TS 2225 U has a sturdy parallel stop for fast adjustments and accurate cuts. In addition, it comes with clamps on both sides. So, this unit can quickly achieve longitudinal cuts and effortless angle or tilting adjustments. You can also use its cross stop for +/- 45 degrees.

Einhell Table Saw TC-TS 2225 U is one of the best table saw under 300 UK as it’s performance-friendly and flexible. This cutting machine is also comfortable because of its working height of 870 mm. You will like the fact that it’s vertically adjustable up to 80 mm. So, you can make a perfect workstation according to your height.


3. Evolution Power Tools RAGE5 – S Table Saw

Evolution Power Tools Rage 5-S

  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Bevel Cutting: 45 Degrees
  • Cutting Depth: 80 mm

Evolution Power Tools is a reputable manufacturer of high-quality cutting devices, including table saws. Its Rage5-S is the best portable table saw under 300 pounds at this price range because of its versatility. This tool can go through wood, aluminium and even steel without changing its blade. Moreover, you will never notice any sparks while this unit is cutting steel.

The table saw uses a powerful 1500W motor that produces a maximum of 2500 RPM, which is lower than its competitors. However, more proletarian revolutions reduce the stress on its engine and create a perfect working environment. Moreover, this model comes with a Japanese tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) blade that offers superior cutting results.

Evolution Power Tools RAGE5 achieves 60 degrees of mitre or 45 degrees of bevel angle once you turn its front wheel. You can also change the positions using the material pusher. Apart from that, this model has an adequate dust extraction mechanism that keeps your worksite clean.

If you want excellent cutting results on thin and thick stocks without any error, try the Evolution Power Tools RAGE5. It offers precise cutting results without asking for a considerable investment.


4. VonHaus Table Saw

VonHaus Table Saw

  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Bevel Cutting: 45 Degrees
  • Cutting Depth: 85 MM

VonHaus table saw is available with an 1800W motor and a carbide-tipped blade, which has a diameter of 250mm. Its no-load speed is 5500RPM, which is sufficient to deal with various materials, including plastic, laminate, solid wood and MDF. This model ranges from 0 to 45 degrees when you make bevel cuts, while its mitre angles go up to 60 degrees.

The table saw has a maximum cutting depth of 85mm at 90 degrees, and it reaches a maximum of 65 mm at 45 degrees. In addition, this unit can tackle significant cutting materials because of its extendable table, which adds up to 642 X 226 X 28mm on both sides.

Moreover, the VonHaus cutting tool comes with a quick clamp rip fence that secures the target material. It also includes a pushing stick and riving knife, which keeps your fingers safe and reduces kickback chances.

Now you can easily understand why this model is the best table saw under £300, especially if you look at its warranty of 2 years. The coverage shows that its manufacturers have a lot of confidence in this unit. So, you can trust it as well.


5. Excel Portable Table Saw

Excel Portable Table Saw

  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Bevel Cutting: NA
  • Cutting Depth: 70 mm

Excel portable table saw is an affordable power tool that comes with a powerful 1500W motor, perfect for soft and hard timber pieces. It has an aluminium table and 24T blade with 210 x 30 mm measurements that are useful for residential projects. Moreover, this unit has a compact footprint and low weight, which makes it portable.

The motor delivers a maximum no-load speed of 5000 RPM, offering uninterrupted cutting results. With such power and speed, this table saw can cut through any wooden pieces without any struggle or friction. Moreover, it has an extendable table measuring 480 x 70 mm. So, this model can quickly deal with significant target materials.

Excel has a suitable option if you need the best portable table saw under 300 pounds without investing a high amount. The table saw weighs only 14.4 kg, which means you will not face any hassles during its transportation.



There are a wide range of choices when we talk about affordable cutting machines. But, now you know some of the leading models. Some of them are compact but pack a punch and are helpful in most of the woodworking mission.

So, how to pick the best table saw under 300 pounds? Well, it depends upon your requirements. We hope you can make an intelligent decision after checking the suggestions mentioned above.

Last Updated on January 1, 2023

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