Best SDS Hammer Drill UK

Best SDS Hammer Drill UK 2023

If you are always in a situation wherein you have to drill a lot within a short amount of time, then an SDS hammer drill can serve you the best.

Such tools not only drill through an object but also uses hammer action to get over it quickly.

So, what are the best SDS drill that you can purchase?

We have the answer in today’s SDS drill reviews and much more information that you can use to make a smart investment.

Our Top 2 SDS Hammer Drill Overview

i. Bosch Professional GBH 2-20 D

Winner of the top spot because of its high quality built and professional performance.

Lightweight nature, three working modes and high impacts per minute are the other features that make it our favourite.

ii. Makita DHR242Z

Next, best is a cordless SDS driller that has all the power you would need for commercial or residential projects.

With the high-quality design, decent RPM, and variable speed trigger, it has shown enough performance to be the runner up of this list.

Best SDS hammer drill Reviews 2023

Bosch GBH 2-20 D650W4, 2001, 300
Makita DHR242Z24V4, 700950
DeWalt 18V XR18V45001200
Hitachi DH26PX830W43001100
Dewalt D25134K-GB800W55401500
Silverline 633821850W4000800
Bosch GBH 2-26800W4000900
MPT 1 Inch SDS-Plus 1050W1050W4500930
Evolution Power Tools SDS4-800650W43001100

Here are our 9 best SDS hammer drill reviews UK 2023.

1. Bosch Professional GBH 2-20 D

Bosch Professional GBH 2-20 D Corded 240 V

  • Power: 650W/240V
  • Weight: 2.2 kg
  • BPM: 4, 200
  • RPM: 1, 300

Today’s first recommendation comes from the professional series of Bosch. Built to survive toughest drilling jobs, the Bosch GBH 2-20 D is a compact and lightweight machine to handle. Apart from the standard forward and reverse movement, the tool has three effective options to use: only drilling, a combination of hammering/drilling and only hammering.

GBH 2-20 D has a beat rate per minute of 4, 200 that drives it to go through a maximum of 20 mm diameter into the concrete. To give you more control over the drilling tasks, it has a variable speed trigger as well.

Apart from the drilling, it has thirty per cent extra chiselling strength, when compared with other SDS drills. Talking about the safety features, the drilling machine has an overload clutch that disconnects the power when once the workload is excessive.

As you see, the Bosch professional tool has everything that you can expect from the best corded SDS hammer drill; versatility, useful functions and an affordable price. If you are looking for one of the best SDS hammer drills, then you should not ignore GBH 2-20 D.


Does it have a reverse motion?


Is the breaker function available with this?

Yes, you can use the breaker function on concrete and it very useful.

Can I use non-SDS bits with the driller without an adapter?

No, you can only use SDS compatible its.


2. Makita DHR242Z 18 V 24 mm Cordless

Makita DHR242Z

  • Power: 24V
  • Weight: 2.7 kg
  • BPM: 4, 700
  • RPM: 950

Our next contender is a cordless SDS drilling tool from Makita. If we talk about battery dependent options, then Makita DHR242Z is the best because of its reasonable power and performance-oriented results.

Crafted from hardened plastic, DHR242Z is tough and durable to withstand daily wear and tear for a long time. It has a unique rubber joint structure that minimizes the vibrations to its battery terminals. Hence, there will not be any problem like poor electrical contact or broken terminals.

Like Bosch GBH 2-20 D, it also has three modes of operation; hammering, rotational movement and both. Changing bits is an effortless task with this Makita tool, which makes it great to use at commercial sites. It has a brushless motor that matches the RPM and torque required for different drilling tasks.

As there are no brushes involved in the working process, the engine never overheats and runs efficiently for all its life. Variable speed trigger gives you complete control. For protection, it has a torque-limiting clutch that disengages the gears if it notices any damage to the bit.


Does this come with an SDS bit adapter?

No, the tool does not include any adapter. It only accepts SDS plus chuck bits.

Is there a carry case with Makita DHR242Z?

No, it’s available as a body only product. Means, you will receive only the tool. You will not find a battery, charger, carry case, or any other kit with the device.

Which battery should I use with it?

Makita BL1830


3. DeWalt 18V XR Lithium-Ion SDS Hammer Drill

DeWalt 18V XR Lithium-Ion SDS Plus

  • Power: 18V/400W
  • Weight: 1.94 kg
  • BPM: 4500
  • RPM: 1200

Dewalt DCH253N-XJ makes a terrific entry and stands as a number three contender only due to its excellent power, portability, feature and high quality built. Its available at a price tag that’s competent to Makita DHR242Z, so the situation demands a slight feature comparison here.

Let us start with the drilling diameter, which is a maximum of 24 mm for DCH253N-XJ. If we talk about wooden materials, it can go up to 26mm. As you can stop the drill and hammer motion, you can use it to drill, hammer and chisel depending upon the requirements. An 18V battery powers the Dewalt tool and makes it run for up to 60 minutes.

Similar to DHR242Z, Dewalt DCH253N-XJ is also a vibrationless machine. The maximum jerks you can experience is 6.6m/s². So, it saves your wrists from stress and keeps you fatigue-free. For added convenience, there is a side handle and LED lights that improve your vision.


Is this a hammer or rotary hammer drill?

Dewalt DCH253N-XJ has both functions.

Can I use a lithium-ion XR battery with this?

Yes, the tool is compatible with all the 18V XR batteries.

Is this drill active on walls?

Yes, it will work on concrete walls.


4. Hitachi DH26PX 26mm 240V

Hitachi DH26PX

  • Power: 240V/830W
  • Weight: 2.8 kg
  • BPM: 4300
  • RPM: 1100 RPM

Hitachi DH26PX deserves the fourth spot on this list because of its improved power and design that characterizes durability. Featuring three modes of drilling, the Hitachi drilling machine can work as a driller, hammer plus driller and hammer. In the chiselling mode, it can drill a concrete wall up to 26mm.

From an 830W motor, it generates an impact rate of 4300 per minute. With such power and low rate, it can drill at 26 mm of diameter in concrete, 32 mm in wood and 16 mm in metal. As it possesses an SDS holder, you can change the bits with a quick push action. Similar to DHR242Z and DCH253N-XJ, the Hitachi DH26PX is also a vibrationless unit.

The corded SDS drill is relatively lightweight and comfortable to use. Also, there is a moulded side handle that adds to the convenience. It keeps you comfortable and at the same time drives with brute force whether you are drilling or chiselling.

Overall, DH26PX is a fantastic piece of machinery available at a less cost when we compare it to Makita and Dewalt tools. It is well balanced and has many useful features to get inside your professional toolbox.


What is the length of its power cable?

Its three meters.

Its selector switch is very stiff, is that normal?

Yes, you will find similar stiffness in on the units.

Does it come with a case?

Yes, the product comes with a Hitachi branded case that’s spacious enough to keep some spare drill bits.


5. Dewalt D25134K-GB D25134K SDS Hammer Drill

Dewalt D25134K-GB

  • Power: 800W/240V
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • BPM: 5540
  • RPM: 1500

Bearers of strong and durable power tools, Dewalt gives you another professional-grade drilling machine that’s efficient and an idle solution to drill and fix things into concrete and masonry. Dewalt D25134K-GB SDS plus device has three modes to choose.

The hammer mode is useful because you can use it to chisel tiles, bricks, and sometimes concrete as well. It has a large hammer mechanism that delivers optimum power without any stress to the internal components.

Dewalt D25134K-GB has 800W motor that delivers a no-load speed of 1500 RPM. It comes with a quick change SDS chuck that easily allows you to replace the bits depending upon the material. Variable speed trigger makes it useful in a wide variety of applications.

With all the power and features, it can generate a 30 mm drill in wood, 26 mm in concrete and 13 mm in metal. It has a rubber coating on the first handle as well as the side support that offers you a comfortable grip. To store and transport the tool, Dewalt gives you a carry case with enough space to store spare bits.


Will this tool drill into Yorkshire stone?

The tool will drill anything, including a Yorkshire stone, but only if you are using the right bit.

It’s a hammer drill, so there is no rotation, right?

Yes, it has the rotation or spinning movement that you can stop if you only want to use the hammering motion.


6. Silverline 633821 – 850W (Best Budget SDS Drill)

Silverline 633821

  • Power: 850
  • Weight: 4.58 kg
  • BPM: 4000
  • RPM: 800

If you are waiting for any SDS drill deals, then don’t wait for one. Because Silverline gives you one of the best SDS hammers drills at an affordable price. Don’t worry about power. Even after being on the inexpensive side of the budget scale, the Silverline 633821 can go through all the materials including wood, steel cement and more.

This SDS drilling tool has a robust build quality that can withstand daily wear and tear of commercial sites.

It includes three SDS Plus masonry drill bits with the sizes of 8, 10 and 12 mm. Apart from those, it also has a flat chisel, point chisel and depth stop. To store and carry all these components, you will also get a carry case.


Is this tool suitable to chisel leftovers after taking out the tiles or will it be too powerful for that?

Yes, if you will use a full chisel attachment. One of those bits is already included with the tool.

Does it have a safety clutch?



7. Bosch Professional GBH 2-26

Bosch Professional GBH 2-26 Corded 230 V

  • Power: 800W
  • Weight: 3.15 kg
  • BPM: 4000
  • RPM: 900

Here comes another tool from the Bosch professional range that impresses us with the fantastic build quality and many useful features. Bosch GBH 2-26 is brand’s special presentation for DIY enthusiast and professionals who don’t want to wait for an entire day to complete a project. Hard enough to break through masonry and metals, it will be nothing less than helpful in your trades.

GBH 2-26 comes with a powerful 800W motor an overload clutch. So, it protects itself and the user. How? The overload clutch will prevent unauthorized usage and disengage the internal components once the drill is stuck or there is any damage on the bit. With such a powerful motor, the tool has the calibre to achieve any drilling and chiselling tasks without wasting much time of yours.

Maximum drilling diameter of the device on concrete is 26 mm. There is a rotating brush plate that allows equal power distribution for both forward and reverses motion. It also includes ball grommets on the power cable that eliminates the breaks and minimizes stress as well as manipulation.


Does it come with a case?


Does this also work as an impact driver?

You can use it as an impact driver, but It has too much power that might damage the screw. So, we recommend you to get an impact driver for the screws.

Is this tool good enough to drill on metals?

Yes, if you use the right bit.


8. MPT 1 Inch SDS-Plus 1050W

MPT 1 Inch SDS-Plus 1050W Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill

  • Power: 1050W
  • Weight: 6.9 kg
  • BPM: 4500
  • RPM: 930

MPT SDS Plus UMRH2603 heavy – duty rotary hammer drill comes with a 1050 powerful motor that can drive through any material. Such mighty engine works at a no-load speed of 930 rpm to generate 4500 per minute impacts.

At such BPM, the tool is suitable for projects that require some powerful drilling. Its three functional modes allow you to control its rotational and hammering motions. With an onboard switch, you can choose when it should drill, hammer or use both the moves.

MPT SDS Plus drill has dual handles; both of them has a soft covering that gives you a comfortable grip. Its secondary handle rotates 360 degrees to provide you with the necessary support and control. The tool has a durable built and long-lasting functions. It has a dual-layered dustproof air inlet that also eliminates repetitive servicing needs.

The power tool comes with a three drill bit, point chisel, flat chisel, and a replaceable carbon brush. To store everything, you will get a carry case as well.


Can it take off concrete render from one of my properties?

Yes, it’s an excellent machine for this purpose. It removes the render with ease.

Can it work with SDS max scraper?

It’s an SDS Plus tool and will not accept SDS max bits.

Is it a suitable tool to lift large ceramic tiles?

Yes, it would lift those tiles with ease.


9. Evolution Power Tools SDS4-800 SDS Hammer Drill

Evolution Power Tools SDS4

  • Power: 650W
  • Weight: 3.5 kg
  • BPM: 4300
  • RPM: 1100

Evolution Power SDS4-800 combines four functions including drilling, chiselling, hammering and rotational. So, it can handle both your residential and commercial responsibilities. To be even more helpful, the tool comes with 2 Chisel Bits and three drill bits.

All these modes draw power from its 650W motor that supplies high impacts to the bits resulting in fast and efficient results. To be perfect for almost all the DIY jobs, it includes a variable speed trigger that gives you the power to control the revolutions per minute up to 1100.

Its first handle has soft grips, and there is also an additional auxiliary handle. Both of these handles take you directly to the target, keeps you comfortable and makes the working hour convenient. Why would you invest in something expensive, if you can get a tool like SDS4-800 at such a pocket-friendly price?

Another cheap SDS drill on your list SDS4-800 has a switch to change the models. It’s a lightweight machine, so you can easily use it for prolonged hours. Moreover, it’s compact enough to fit confined spaces. Looks stylish and the tool is durable enough to be at your assistance for many more years to come.


Is this machine suitable to remove tiles from the floor or walls?


Does it come with a depth rod?

Yes, the tool includes a depth stop.

How many grooves the included chisel bits have?

Two grooves


Advantage and Disadvantage of SDS hammer drill


SDS hammer drill allows a bit to forward and backwards: In standard chucks or other regular hammer drills, the chuck has to absorb all the vibrations, which in turn results into the vibrations that you have to experience. But an SDS hammer drill allows it to move according to the movement, which not only enhances the power but also keeps your arms wrist stress free.

More power than conventional drills: SDS drilling machines do not have to think about the vibrations. So, it can generate more power and energy than traditional drilling machines. Not only powerful, but these tools are versatile enough to be useful in multiple applications and materials.

Multiple modes to work: Almost all the SDS hammering drills comes with two, three and even four working modes. Due to such methods, you are free to use drilling or hammering only; depending upon the requirements. For example, you can use the hammer only motion when you need to chisel for strip plasters, remove some tiles and similar prospects.

Durable: There is a reason why SDS drills are one of the standard tools for commercial sites. These drills are generally durable and come with a long-lasting structure.


SDS hammer drill is great when you have to complete some large home improvement projects, or you are a professional who needs to take care of multiple drilling duties. However, due to their expensive price tags, it might be tough for all the users to include one of these machines in their arsenal.


So what if there are so many options in the market that can confuse you? We have already shared the top nine recommendations wherein the GBH 2-20 D happens to be the best.

If your only motive is to drill fast, then you need an SDS hammer drill in your toolbox.

Not only you can save more time with one of these drills, but you can also work on a variety of materials without any resistance.

Last Updated on January 1, 2023

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