Best Pillar Drill UK

Best Pillar Drill UK

If you are searching for the best pillar drill UK, look at the recommended options below.

We have filtered some of the high-quality pillar drilling machines so that you make a wise investment.

Plus, trying one of the suggestions will save you from a costly mistake.

Best Floor Standing Pillar Drill Purchase In 2023

Here are our 9 floor standing pillar drill in the UK market.

1. Bosch 0603B07070 Bench Drill PBD 40

Bosch 0603B07070

  • Power: 710 W
  • No-load Speed: 200 – 2500 RPM

Bosch PBD 40 is one of the best pillar drills because its makers have taken care of everything. Electronic speed control and a laser guide are some of the impressive features. Plus, this model is inexpensive and gives complete worth of your investment.

The first noticeable factor about the PBD 40 is it’s long-lasting built. Then, this tool has a two-speed gearbox that lets you control its drilling ratw. Depending on the requirements, you can set the pace anywhere from 0 to 2500. A dial helps you to make these changes.

A 710w motor powers the PBD 40. It has additional protection from overloading. Hence, you don’t have to face any downtime due to engine faults.

Bosch PBD40 has a maximum drill stroke of 90mm, marginally higher than its competitors. Its drilling diameter in wood is 40mm. But, the diameter goes down to 13mm when this machine is up against steel.

The DIY floor standing pillar drill features a digital display to assist you in producing accurate results. So, you can set and confirm the settings before starting the drilling process. Overall, try the PBD 40 if you want a high-quality pillar drilling device with top-notch features and a budget-friendly price tag.


2. Silverline 262212

Silverline 262212

  • Power: 350 W
  • No-Load Speed: 580 – 2650 RPM

Silverline 262212 is an inexpensive pillar drill that packs a lot of helpful features. It gets all the juice from a 350W motor, which runs smoothly and supplies the required amount of speed. So, this tool can get through most of the materials without any trouble.

The maximum working rate is 2650 rpm. Speed is an essential factor while you are using a pillar drill. It’s the primary reason why Silverline 262212 comes with five-speed settings for complete control, irrelevant of the material or screws.

Silverline 262212 has a manual chuck that accepts bits up to 13mm. The drilling depth is adjustable between 0 to 50 mm. So, you can set it as per the conditions to generate accurate results.

This floor mounted pillar drill has a cast iron base, which is comparatively heavy and durable. Its 160 x 160 mm table gives you adequate support while working. Hence, this unit produces smooth and clean results compared to a handheld drill.

Silverline 262212 could be the best drill press UK if you want precision and accuracy. It’s durable, has decent power and is available at a low price.


3. KATSU Mini Pillar Drill

KATSU Mini Pillar Drill

  • Power: 100 W
  • No-Load Speed: 0-5000 / 6500 / 8500 RPM

Katsu mini pillar drill is an excellent tool to try if you generally deal with light and medium-duty projects. It comes with a 100W motor, which performs well and never disappoints. Plus, this model has a maximum working rate of 8500 rpm. So, it can efficiently go through thick materials.

On top of that, the speed is adjustable. So, you can set it as per the drilling material. With such a high pace and versatility, Katsu mini pillar drill covers many applications.

Katsu mini pillar drill accepts all the chucks from 0.6 to 6.5 mm. Its spindle travel distance is 25mm, which is decent. Apart from that, the distance between the spindle end and surface base is 200mm. Besides, this tool has a handle lock for accurate drillings.

Thanks to an ergonomic built, this mini drilling machine is easy to control and use. Its maximum drilling capacity is 6mm. So, this unit effectively and efficiently handle lots of woodworking projects. Try it if you want one of the best bench drills without investing a high amount.


4. CLARKE CDP5RB Floor Mounted Pillar Drill


  • Power: 350 W
  • No-Load Speed: 620 – 2620 RPM

Clarke CDP5RB is an impressive DIY pillar drill for residential users and hobbyists. The bright red machine has a durable built and top-notch features to assist you well. First, it has a powerful 350W motor that generates a consistent supply of energy so that you don’t have to face any problems while drilling through rigid materials.

The maximum chuck capacity is 13mm, which means Clarke CDP5RB can accept most bits. So, it can go through wood, plastic, metal and all other similar materials. This tool has an automatic cut-out on the belt guard for your protection.

It also has a multi-purpose start/stop switch and NVR. Moreover, the transparent chuck guard lets you see what’s happening – a very minor but important feature.

Clarke CDP5RB has a variable drilling speed from 620 – 2620 RPM. Its speed control function gives you complete control, especially helpful if you frequently drill a wide range of materials.

The CDP5RB might be the perfect option if you are a DIY enthusiast. It’s affordable and compact. So, you can try this device even if the home workshop does not have much open space.


5. Cocoarm Pillar Drill

Cocoarm Pillar Drill

  • Power: 550 W
  • No-Load Speed: NA

Cocoarm Pillar Drill is armed with a powerful 550W motor that performs effectively irrelevant of the materials. This machine is also robust and long-lasting. Plus, it has a chuck capacity of 16mm. So, this tool could be a perfect investment if you need a performance-friendly drilling solution.

The floor standing pillar drill has nine-speed adjustments, suitable for various materials, including wood, plastic and metal work. Furthermore, it has an integrated laser guide for accuracy and ease of use.

So, this machine might be an ideal choice if you need precise drilling results without any errors.

This DIY floor mounted pillar drill works at 220V, which means it’s not compatible with a 110v supply. But, this tool is easy to use no matter where you are working. It has a front-mounted switch that’s easy to access.

Thanks to cast-iron construction, the Cocoarm pillar drill is robust and long-lasting. So, it will stay at your service for many more years to come. The price tag is comparatively higher than its competitors, but this unit gives you the total worth of your investment.


6. Ejoyous Floor Standing Pillar Drill

Ejoyous Pillar Drill

  • Power: 350 W
  • No-Load Speed: 2650 RPM

Ejoyous Pillar Drill is quite similar to other models discussed above, but some features set it apart. First, this machine comes with five different settings that let you set its pace at 580, 850, 1220, 1650, and 2650 RPM. Hence, the drilling tool can deal with various materials without any compromises.

Talking about the performance, Ejoyous free standing Pillar Drill uses a 350W motor. So, it could be the best drill press UK for occasional usage. Plus, this machine is highly adjustable. Its table tilt angle and platform height are adjustable from 0 to 45 degrees. Due to such alterations, you can efficiently produce all types of holes without investing much time and effort.

Moving forward to construction, this drilling machine is made of solid cast iron. So, its structure is robust and durable. Plus, you will never notice any oxidation or damage due to rust. Moreover, this tool has excellent resistance against vibrations. On top of that, it does the needful without making high noises.

Regarding the dimensions and weight, this pillar drill is compact and comparatively lightweight. So, it could be a perfect purchase if you have less open space in the workshop.


7. Dirty pro Rotary Free Standing Pillar Drill

Dirty pro Rotary Pillar Drill

  • Power: 350 W
  • No-Load Speed: 2600 RPM

Advertised as a mighty rotary pillar drill, the Dirty Pro unit could be a perfect purchase for DIY enthusiasts. After looking at its low price tag, you might think that this machine performs poorly or is fragile. However, the reality differs. It has a robust cast iron base and a powerful 350W motor to go through wood, plastic and metal work.

A safety telescopic chuck guard allows easy usage. Plus, the Dirty Pro pillar drill boasts five different speed settings. It’s 13mm drilling capacity is also generous. Moreover, this unit has a swing of 290 mm which makes your work convenient.

Lightweight and compact, the Dirty Pro free standing pillar drill could be an excellent addition to your home workshop. Its small footprints are perfect if you don’t have much open space. Plus, this unit weighs 18 kg. So, it’s easy to store and relocate.

Dirty Pro DIY pillar drill has a durable aluminium moor casing. It has a maximum drilling depth of 50 mm. So, you can use this tool for most DIY projects. Moreover, there is a safety telescopic chuck guard for your protection.


8. ABEST 3 Speed Mini Drill Press Machine

ABEST 3 Speed Mini Drill Press Machine

  • Power: 150 W
  • No-Load Speed: 0 to 3500/ 5000/ 7000 RPM

Abest mini drill press machine could be a perfect investment if you belong to the DIY community. It works well for teaching experiments, craft drills, document bindings, rubber drills, plastic projects, and circuit boards. So, this tool is also helpful for professionals, but only for light-duty tasks.

The mini drill press machine draws all the power from a 150w motor, which delivers a maximum speed of 7000 rpm. Its adjustable pace settings let you control the pace from 0 to 3500, 0 to 5000 and 0 to 7000rpm. Apart from that, the drilling diameter varies from 0.6 to 6.5mm.

Thanks to a maximum spindle drive of 25mm, the Abest mini drill press machine is versatile and can efficiently deal with a wide range of applications. Its drill clamping diameter varies between 1.6 and 6.5mm.

Abest gives you one of the best pillar drills for home workshops. This model weighs only 5.48 kg. So, you can easily use it at different spots in and around your house. Plus, the storage also becomes accessible of low weight and compact dimensions.

Try Abest mini drill press machine if you need an affordable and safe power tool. It has the power to tackle almost all residential drilling tasks.


9. Clarke CDP102B

Clarke CDP102B

  • Power: 350 W
  • No-Load Speed: 620 to 2620 RPM

With 5-speed settings from 620 to 2620rpm, Clarke CDP102B is one of the best bench drills for DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists. Its high quality built is long-lasting. Plus, this machine takes power from a 350w motor that offers continuous power for error-free drilling.

Clarke CDP102B has a chuck capacity of 13mm, which means it accepts most drill bits. Hence, you can efficiently deal with wood, plastic and metal work using this machine. Moreover, it has a 163 x 165mm table with a +/- 45-degree tilt. Plus, the table swivels for full 360 degrees and works as adequate support.

The Clarke CDP102B has compact dimensions and a weight of 15 kg, which is not very high. So, it’s perfect for small home workshops where you are running low on open space.

If you want an easy to use and affordable DIY pillar drill, try Clarke CDP102B. It offers precise drilling results and is suitable for various materials and applications. This model uses 230v to operate.



You need the best pillar drill UK in the toolbox if your project involves drilling holes in a wide range of materials. Such a device helps you make precise and accurate holes compared to handheld drills. Try one of the recommendations that we reviewed above and see the difference.

Bosch PBD 40 is our favorite because this premium bench drill has a long-lasting construction and high-end features that you can dream of as a DIY enthusiast or professional. Try Silverline 262212 if you need the best floor standing drill press UK at an affordable price tag.

Last Updated on January 1, 2023

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