Best Makita Impact Driver UK

Best Makita Impact Driver UK Reviews 2022

You will be surprised to see how fast you can complete the wooden jobs if you have one of the best Makita impact drivers. If you are familiar with power tools, then you must know that Makita produces some good ones.

If you decided that you will invest in a Makita power tool, the work is not done. There are many models to choose from, which results in an overwhelmed mind and confusion. But the Good news! We already made the selections for you. 

Best Makita Impact Drivers 2022

Makita DTD152Z3, 500998 g165Nm2, 900 RPM
Makita DTD154Z3, 8001.2 kg175Nm3, 600 RPM
Makita DTD153Z3, 600 1.5 kg175Nm3, 400 RPM
Makita TD127DZ3, 0001.19 kg140Nm2, 300 RPM
Makita TD111DSAJ3, 900998 g135 Nm3, 000 RPM

Here are our 6 best Makita impact driver reviews UK 2022 and buying guide. Let’s find which one will be a perfect choice for your projects.

1. Makita DTD152Z – Best Makita Impact Driver Overall

Makita DTD152Z Impact Driver

  • IPM: 3, 500
  • Weight: 998 g
  • Torque: 165Nm
  • Speed: 2, 900 RPM

Our top recommendation is a brushed impact driver available at half the price of other Makita brushed tools. The primary factor to its fame is its torque of 165Nm, which makes DTD152Z a top contender; especially looking at its price. To tell you in a better way, wheel lug nuts of an average-sized sedan needs 110Nm to fasten. 

Compatible with M4 – M8 size machine screws, M5 – M16 standard bolts, M5 – M12 high tensile bolts, and 22 – 125mm coarse threaded bolts, the DTD152Z has a maximum speed of 2, 900 RPM and 3, 500 impacts per minutes (IPM).

Talking about the weight, its 998 grams, but this driver with battery (18V 3.0Ah) weighs 1.21 kg. The given heft will not bring you down even if you have to work for an entire day.

The 18v impact driver comes with a pair of super bright LED lights that does a great job by widely spraying the shine. It’s also integrated with Xtreme Protection Technology (XPT), which promotes dust and drip-proof performance. Due to its blessings, DTD152Z is least concerned about the dirt while at work. 

If your job involves driving screws into concrete or hardwood, then the Makita DTD152Z can be your best alley. You might also want to consider a few other options we have mentioned as runner ups. 

Key features:

  • 18V 3.0Ah battery
  • Superior cooling efficiency
  • Comfortable, rubberized grip for added convenience
  • Raised moulded rubber to protect the device


2. Makita DTD154Z Brushless Impact Driver

Makita DTD154Z Brushless Impact Driver

  • IPM: 3, 800
  • Weight: 1.2 kg
  • Torque: 175Nm
  • Speed: 3, 600 RPM

High quality and ultra-compact impact drivers come with a brushless motor and maximum torque of 175Nm. It gives you complete control with a three-stage power trigger and TEK mode, which prevents over fastening of screws.

The rotation speed of this device is also comparatively higher. These are the reasons why the DTD154Z is one of the top performers when we talk about wooden projects. Powered by an 18V Li-ion battery, the power tool supports M4 to M8 machine screws, M5 to M16 standard bolts, M5 to M14 high strength bolts and 22 to 125mm coarse threaded screws. Its brushless motor eliminates carbon brushes.

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Hence the device runs efficiently for longer that also without overheating. Moreover, the integrated XPT protects the device from extreme dirt, debris and liquid to maintain the performance and discourage downtime. 

The cordless impact driver has a one-touch sliding ¼ inch hex chuck for a secure attachment and removals of add-ons. It features T-Mode for self-drilling screws, which minimizes the impact speed and rotation to reduce screw thread stripping. There is a battery level gauge that keeps you informed about the working time the device has left.

Key Features:

  • Forward / reverse rotation
  • Electric brakes
  • LED light
  • Xtreme Protection Technology (XPT)
  • An ergonomic soft grip that absorbs vibration


3. Makita DTD171Z Impact Driver, 18 V

Makita DTD171Z Impact Driver

  • IPM: 3, 800
  • Weight: 880 grams
  • Torque: 185Nm
  • Speed: 3, 600 RPM

Using an 18v LXT Li-ion battery, the Makita DTD171Z works at three modes: one for wooden jobs, T-Mode for thick as well as thin metals, and a Bolt mode. Depending on a brushless motor and a trigger controlled variable speed option, the Makita tool works at an IPM of 3, 800 and a maximum speed of 3, 600 RPM. Its torque level is 185Nm, which is better than our previous two contenders.

The brushless impact driver has a one-touch sliding chuck that facilitates the quick exchange of bits. It is suitable for M4 to M8 machine screws, M5 to M16 standard bolts, M5 to M14 high tensile bolts, and 22 to 125mm coarse threaded bolts.

There is a push button to change the movement from forward to reverse and vice versa. For enhanced safety and convenience, the device has electric brakes as well as LED lights on its front. Moreover, it’s built with an ergonomic grip that gives you comfortable handling and minimum wrist stress. 

Maximum vibration generated by the device is 13.5 m/sec², and the sound level is 97 dB. Overall, DTD171Z excels in all the departments except one: the battery is not included. 

Key Features:

  • Variable speed selection
  • Four different modes
  • Brushless motor for an efficient performance
  • Forward/Reverse function
  • LED lights
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Electric brakes for safety and complete control


4. Makita DTD153Z 18V Li-ion Brushless Impact Driver

Makita DTD153Z 18V Li-ion Brushless Impact Driver

  • IPM: 3, 600 
  • Weight: 1.5 kg
  • Torque: 175Nm
  • Speed: 3, 400 RPM

Another powerful impact tool with a brushless motor that delivers a maximum torque of 175Nm. Due to brushless functionality, DTD153Z never utilizes carbon brushes. Hence the device runs efficiently without any overheating.

Its electronically controlled 18V Li-ion battery is optimized to provide 50 per cent high runtime. The device is integrated with Battery Protection Circuit that keeps the cells safe in case of over-discharge, voltage spikes and high temperature. 

The Makita device comes with a ¼ inch hex chuck that has a convenient one-touch mechanism to install and remove the bits. It’s capable of handling M4 to M8 standard screws, M5 to M16 Standard bolt, M5 to M14 high strength bolt and 22 to 125mm coarse-thread screws.

Soft start adds to the ease of use while trigger controlled variable speed gives you complete authority over the material. LED lights are also in its front with pre-glow and after-glow functions. 

The impact device has an aluminium case that’s rigid and quickly encounters daily wear and tear. Similar to the previous contenders, DTD153Z also has XPT to keep it protected from dust and water in harsh conditions. Ergonomically designed soft grip absorbs vibration and smooth progress. A belt clip is the only accessory it has. Even the battery is not included. 

Key Features:

  • Easy installation of bits
  • XPT technology for added protection
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Brushless motor for efficient performance


5. Makita TD127DZ Impact Driver Body-Multicolour

Makita TD127DZ Impact Driver

  • IPM: 3, 000 IPM
  • Weight: 1.19 kg
  • Torque: 140Nm
  • Speed: 2, 300 RPM

This one comes from the Makita G-Series and only works on lithium-ion battery platform. If you are a DIY person, then the device will meet or exceed your expectations. You must be thinking; How is that possible with an impact device available at such an affordable price?

Let us tell you that the TD127DZ delivers up to 3, 000 impacts per second, and its engine has a maximum speed of 2, 300 RPM. With 140 Nm, you can use it for a wide range of fastening tasks for precise results. 

Easily identified by its grey and blue colour, the device works well with standard screws measuring M4 to M8, M5 to M14 standard bolt, M5 to M12 high tensile bolt, and coarse thread of 22 to 125mm. Its 18V power offers 1.3 Amp of battery power and a runtime up to 60 minutes, only if you use the G-Series DC18WA charger (separately available). 

Makita TD127DZ adds to its value by offering variable speed control via a trigger for better controlling on the specific material or other conditions. To be more helpful, it has LED lights with pre-glow function. This light illuminates the area very well and allows you to work in the dark reigns. 

Key Features:

  • Electronic brakes for safety
  • Ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip
  • Forward and reverse rotation
  • Variable speed control
  • An LED light with pre-glow


6. Makita TD111DSAJ Brushless Impact Driver

Makita TD111DSAJ Brushless Impact Driver

  • IPM: 3, 900
  • Weight: 998 grams
  • Torque: 135 Nm
  • Speed: 3, 000 RPM

Part of Makita CXT series, TD111DSAJ uses a brushless motor that eliminates carbon brushing. It’s the reason why the impact device runs efficiently for a long time without overheating. It uses this saved energy to provide the given RPM, speed and torque to match the demand of materials as well as working conditions. 

TD111DSAJ is a boss tool to work with M5 to M14 standard bolts, M5 to M12 high tensile bolts, M4 to M8 machine screw, and coarse threaded screws 22 to 90mm. It has three impact modes: low, high and the latest A (Impact) mode. The advanced A method prevents any screws cross threading and cam-out by reducing the drive speed once the tightening starts.

Here comes the most exciting part. The impact device includes two 2.0 Ah Li-ion batteries, charger and case. The included BL1020B 10.8V battery has a slide fit style. It has 4 stage fuel gauge that keeps you informed about the charge left.

Battery Protection Circuit keeps the cell safe, so none of the high voltage, extra temperature or over-discharge can harm it. As it uses lithium-ion technology, the device gets fade-free power. 

Included charger has a forced cooling system. It has an inbuilt fan that brings down the heat level of a battery so that its internal cells improve and perform in a better way. 

Key Features:

  • A-Mode to eliminate cross threading
  • Variable speed control
  • Electric brakes
  • Forward and reverse rotation
  • LED lights
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Belt clip, two batteries and charger included


The Buyer’s Guide Of Makita Impact Drivers

If you read the reviews of six best Makita impact driver reviews and still you are not sure which one to include in your toolbox, then this buying guide will be helpful. We are mentioning some of the considerations that will guide you to choose the best impact device according to your needs. 

Size, weight and ergonomics: Makita impact tools are generally compact and lightweight. But, they are available with various dimensions and heft. Slim options will be thin, which will not put much pressure on your wrists. So, choose a model that you can easily control and use. It will be better if the impact device has a soft and ergonomic grip for added convenience.

Price: As you must have noticed from the above-given reviews that Makita impact tools are not very costly, but the amount varies according to the model and included accessories. Choose an option that gives you quality performance without breaking your budget. 

Accessories: Some of the Makita impact drivers are sold as body only product wherein there is no battery or charger. For example, Makita DTD152Z. On the other hand, some of the models include the cell as well as a charger, like the Makita TD111DSAJ. Choose according to the available resources. If you have a battery or charger that’s compatible with the selected model, you do not have invest in a new one. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Makita a Good Brand?

Makita manufactures excellent power tools and consistent ships them with high-quality motors, which results in unmatched performances. The brand has some of the best drills and fastening tools that we discussed today. It’s the reason why Makita drills, impact devices and other power tools are bestsellers on most of the online stores. 

Is Makita better than DeWalt?

The Makita vs Dewalt rivalry is ancient and is justified. On the one hand, you have Japanese Innovation and then on the other Dewalt gives you the US-bred industry-leading tools. Off course, Dewalt is more American, but Makita has been the leader in Innovation from decades. 

Makita started the cordless power tools production in the 1970s, but Dewalt was nowhere around it until 1990s. But once the brand got involved, it blew almost all the competitors out of the ground. Overall, we cannot declare a winner among any of them in terms of performance. 

Is Makita Made in the USA?

Makita is based in Anjo, Japan and yes they have a factory based in the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico and many other countries. 

Summary – Which Makita impact driver should I buy?

Makita DTD152Z 18V impact device with a 3.0 Ah battery generates sufficient torque, revolutions and impacts per minute to complete the wooden jobs faster. Easy to use, the device has an ideal weight that can be tolerated by anyone for extended hours.

Moreover, it a budget-friendly product. These are the reasons why DTD152Z is our top pick as the best Makita impact driver UK in 2022

Last Updated on December 4, 2023

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