Best Cordless Hammer Drills 2021 (Reviews)

Are you looking for where to get the best cordless hammer drill?

Do you need tips on how to and where to purchase power tools?

You do not know what a hammer drill is and you’re looking forward to learning about hammer drills?

Then this article is for you as we will be sharing with you all you need to know about the tool and review the top cordless hammer drills on the market today.

Cordless Hammer Drills Reviews


1. DeWalt 18V XR Lithium-Ion SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill

The DeWalt bare tool is powered by an 18-volt battery and can conveniently drill about half-inch hole.

This product is a powerful cordless hammer drill. It runs on extended run time XR Batteries. With this, you’re sure of long-lasting run time for your drilling tasks. It has a 3-speed all-metal transmission which matches the function of any tool and further enhances speed and performance.

Its LED feature is designed to improve visibility in low light situations. It is one of the few cordless drills with better control and improved balance. It also has a heavy-duty industrial design.

This tool has three speeds for all your drilling tasks. As a result, it is more powerful, versatile and reliable. It is suitable for both professional and residential tasks/ jobs. It also has twenty-two clutch settings with a chuck that self-tightens itself throughout its operation, hence, providing a secure grip.

The motor of this Dewalt Bare tool is robust and efficient for large tasks and operations.

It is lightweight and has a compact design which is efficient for working around tight spaces. Without batteries, the drill tool weighs about 2.78 Kg.

The DeWalt has an ergonomic design that makes work convenient and does not put excess pressure or strain on both the wrists and hands.

An exciting offer by the manufacturers of this product is that it a test period of ninety days in which your money is given back if you do not like the product. They also offer a free one year service contract and a three year warranty period that is limited.


  • Convenient, ergonomic handle and easy to use
  • Self-tightening chuck
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • LED work light that increases and enhances visibility in low light settings


  • It is not very suitable for thick and dense materials like concrete.


2. Milwaukee M18BH-0 SDS Plus Compact Rotary Hammer

This Milwaukee M18BH-0 SDS is a cordless drill and a highly durable product, manufactured in the UK. The tool is easy to handle and easy to use as well.

If you are looking forward to purchasing a drill that is compact and would provide you with portability, manoeuvrability, and easy handling/use, then this Milwaukee drill is one of your best options.

This product is designed to support light and everyday domestic and DIY tasks.

The drill is sturdy and is designed to deliver the general power and torque performance needed to carry out most light to medium drilling jobs. It is suitable for woodwork and drilling in light materials like plastic.


  • Suitable for light to medium-duty tasks
  • Durable, sturdy and high-quality
  • Compact, convenient, and well-built drilling tool
  • Comes with a Hex Impact Driver
  • Comes with quality tools and accessories


  • Not suitable for hard jobs like drilling through thick concrete.
  • No extra or padded handle.


3. Dewalt DCD996N 18v XR Brushless Hammer Combi Drill

The DEWALT DCD996N max cordless drill comes with features that are innovative and ab patented technology which makes it suitable for use by Woodworkers, Carpenters, plumbers, commercial and residential builders, electricians and remodelers.

It is durable with high performance. It is comfortable and offers flexibility during use. It also has an ergonomic and compact design that makes it easy to handle. The tool also has a powerful battery. The battery packs have a three-year free contract service.

It uniquely features a heavy-duty which allows for superior bit gripping strength. This tool is one of the most powerful cordless drills on the market today as a result of its high-efficiency motor and excellent performance.

Another fantastic feature of this powerful tool is its fast application speed and runtime as a result of its patented 3-speed metal-transmission.

It has a High power and efficiency larger brushless motor which delivers up to 34% more power.

It also comes with a half-inch metal chuck that is ratcheting with carbide inserted for protection which reduces the chances of slipping on the drill bit.


  • Versatile, durable, and flexible
  • Three-year limited warranty, one year of the free service contract, and a ninety-day money refund guarantee.
  • Compact and easy to use tool
  • LED light with a 20-second delay which comes on after the release of the trigger.


  • It is not designed to work on highly dense concrete materials.


4. Bosch Professional GBH 18V-20 Cordless Rotary Hammer

The Bosch GBH 18V-20 Max Impact Driver has a precise and variable speed along with an RPM that is between zero to two thousand six hundred.

It is compact with a lightweight body, and short head length. As a result, it can perfectly fit into small spaces.

This tool is easy to handle in tight or narrow spaces, and easy to manoeuvre. Because of its compact built head length, it can fit into close areas and small corners, making work easier.

For improved visibility, this drilling tool has three LEDs on the driver’s head. The essence of the LED is to increase visibility in low light conditions.

The purchase of this drill comes with two L-ion 18-volt batteries which can charge fully in one hour. You can conveniently use one battery while charging the other.

This tool is a suitable best cordless impact driver for continuously doing overhead work, and it has protection bumpers on each side to prevent slipping and protect the work surface. It also comes with a carry case for portability.


  • Compact and easy to carry around
  • High torque which enhances its performance and makes it faster as it provides 1,400 rpm
  • Easy to use and manoeuvre
  • LEDs for visibility and convenience
  • Has an ergonomic and soft handle which improves extended control and comfort
  • Limited one-year warranty


  • Warranty is limited


5. Dewalt DCH133M1 18v SDS+ Brushless Hammer SDS Drill

Dewalt DCH133M1 18-Volt runs on an extended run-time with Lithium-Ion batteries which provides a long-lasting battery life. It has a variable speed patented all-metal transmission.

This transmission easily matches the tool and task for the fastest speed that can be applied. It further enhances the runtime. Another feature of this tool is its LED work light which provides visibility in cases of low light settings.

It has a powerful motor of eighteen volts which produces four hundred and fifty unit watts out of maximum power. It also comes with a Has a half-inch self-tightening chuck that provides superior grip and strength throughout its operation.

It is a very efficient drill and is useful for both professionals and DIYers or homeowners.


  • It comes with a variable speed transmission to enhance job performance.
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Easy to handle and manoeuvre (Ergonomic design)
  • Improved visibility with LED
  • Three years limited warranty and a free contract service of one year
  • Easy to control and has an enhanced balance


  • Not suitable for thick concrete and very dense materials.
  • No extra handle or accessories.
  • No keyless chuck


6. Makita DHR242Z 18 V 24 mm

This Makita DHR242Z cordless drill has a variety of fabulous and patent enhanced technological features. It works by combining its compact speed and torque to perform efficiently.

It has an ergonomic design with a soft rubber grip provides comfort and increases convenience while working. It also aids relieve and reduces strain on the pressure on the hands, arms and other parts of the body that would have been caused by the task.

This drill comes with dual LED lights that are built in to provide more excellent visibility in cases or scenarios of low light. It has a metal gear construction that works to increase its durability.

It also comes with Star Protection Computer Controls which helps to guard against overloading, overheating and discharging. This product is made to use genuine Makita batteries and chargers. Generally and based on reviews, this model of Makita is a fantastic product.

It has a variable two-speed design. Makita DHR242Z power tool uniquely features an extreme protection technology that provides dust and water-resistant in cases where the site of the job is in a harsh environment or condition.


  • High quality and very durable tool
  • High torque/speed
  • Easy to use and manoeuvre
  • Ergonomic design, comfortable grip
  • Three years limited warranty


  • Carrying case is made of low quality plastic which can easily break.


7. Dewalt 18.0 Volt SDS-plus Battery Combination


The DEWALT 18-Volt MAX drill is a made in the UK product and has a premium design that offers convenience and comfort.

This drill also features a half-inch metal chuck which is ratcheting with carbide inserted for protection which reduces the chances of slipping on the drill bit.

For improved visibility, this drill features an LED light with a 20-second delay which comes on after the release of the trigger.

Just like many Dewalt drills, this DEWALT has a High power and efficiency motor performance which gives out 400 Watt of maximum power thereby enhancing high and speedy performance.

It is durable, of high quality with a long-lasting run-time battery.


  • Versatile, durable, and flexible tool
  • Ergonomic and compact design
  • Three-year limited warranty, one year of the free service contract, and a ninety-day money refund guarantee.
  • Its chuck offers a firm gripping strength
  • Improved visibility with LED


  • Does not come with battery and charger
  • It is not designed to work on highly dense concrete materials.


8. DEWALT 18V Combi Drill Plus Hammer

The DEWALT 18Vt is made in the UK and has a premium design that offers convenience and comfort. It has a 2-speed transmission.

This power tool is also lightweight (weighs 6 Kg) and very efficient. It has an impact driver’s which is capable of loading a quarter-inch hex of chuck and also accepts one inch of drill bit tips in one handloading.

This tool also comes with a contractor’s bag for easy mobility, package, and storage.

The half-inch metal chuck that is ratcheting with carbide inserted for protection helps reduce the chances of slipping on the drill bit and offers a robust gripping strength.

The handles are also ergonomically designed for comfort. If you are looking for an efficient easy-to-use cordless drill, then you should carefully consider this option.

It is very durable, of high quality and also comes with a long-lasting run-time battery. The battery packs of this drill come with a three-year free contract service.

This high-quality power tool also features a high power and efficiency motor performance, thereby enhancing high and speedy return. An Energy Star qualified charger also powers it.


  • A fully charged battery in thirty minutes
  • Ergonomic and compact design with 360-degree side handle
  • Highly improved and enhanced performance
  • Improved visibility with 0-second delay LED


  • Doesn’t have brushless motors


9. Bosch Professional GBH 18 V-26

It has a Keyless chuck design and a chunk size of half an inch. This efficient Bosch Professional GBH 18 V-26 cordless drill has a maximum torque power.

The Bosch drill also has an active response technology. This technology works to reduce the risk that comes with adverse torque reactions by the use of electric motor control.

The drill also has an auxiliary handle which makes it easy to maneuver. The handle is long and built ergonomically for comfort. The newly redesigned handle can be adjustable to twenty-three positions, and it doesn’t need to be removed from the tool. This feature allows a range of multiple users.

Its half-inch metal chuck helps it to provide a firm grip and high clamp force. This drill also features 25 clutch settings and two speeds from which you can quickly select. These functions help to enhance precise drilling and driving.

The tool is built to be Brute Tough, and it has a Durashield housing with a metal gearbox. This tool is designed for Heavy-duty construction with a Bosch unique, exclusive Durashield housing gearbox that is all metal to survive rough job areas and conditions.

Its cell protection and electronic motor functionality help to prevent the drill from overload and overheating. As a result, the lifespan of the tool and its battery is extended.


  • Comes with a belt clip
  • Has a tough brute design
  • Flexible power system
  • Easy to use and handle (ergonomic design)
  • Powerful with a variable speed
  • Very durable


  • Weighs ten pounds


What Is A Hammer Drill?

A hammer drill is a tool designed for drilling into concrete, brick, mortar or stone especially when equipped with a masonry bit. The mode of operating this power tool is an advanced function of a regular drill.

The significant difference is hammering action combined with a rotating mechanism. This tool is commonly used for masonry projects such as fixing of boxes or cupboards on concrete walls, etc.

There are various types of hammer drills which we will

Who Needs A Hammer Drill?

Now you know what the best cordless hammer drill is and the types of hammer drill available, it is essential to understand who needs a hammer drill.

A hammer drill is useful for anyone that needs to work on masonry. This tool is mostly used by professional contractors, homeowners, and DIYers to perform projects. It performs tasks such as cabinet fixtures, concrete drilling, installation of electric boxes, installation of shelves, etc.

However, it is essential to know the type and model of hammer drill you should go for based on the kind of masonry job you are about to do. Some hammer drills come with options in which the users can choose the mode of operations; others don’t. The mode, in this case, being rotary plus or rotary mode.

With rotary mode, one can perform all the drilling and driving task that a standard drill can do, but with the rotary plus mode, there is an extra functionality. The rotary mode is used mostly for masonry projects. So with the right mode settings, you can always drill or drive a hole.

Types Of Hammer Drills

Dedicated Hammer Drill: A dedicated hammer drill is a unique masonry drilling tool with a single purpose of heavy-duty drilling. It is mostly used when there is a lot of masonry drilling work to do.

This kind of drill is quite expensive. It is also referred to by most professionals as a rotary hammer because of its rotating speed and power.

Corded Drill With Hammer Option: A corded drill with a hammer option settings comes in handy only when there is electricity. Some come with options of batteries with which you can work with when there is no electricity nearby, others don’t. Corded drill hammers, usually have more power and higher RPM.

Whenever you have masonry work to do without worrying about charged batteries, and you have an electricity supply, a corded drill hammer is the one to use. However, it is limited and can only go where the cord limit extends. As a result, you should always have a socket extension in hand as you will need it.

Cordless Hammer Drill: Unlike corded hammer drills, cordless hammer drills are useful in cases of no electricity supply. It is designed to come in handy when there is no electricity.

Unlike corded hammer drills, you do not need to worry about limitations such as electricity and size as the cordless drill is usually portable and can be carried around easily.

However, the cordless hammer drill cannot carry so much workload. If you have fewer holes to drill, this is the hammer drill to use. There is a lot of improvement when it comes to the upgrade of the cordless hammer drill design.

New models with a voltage that is above eighteen volts have the power that could approach corded tools. The cordless hammer drill is mostly used in homes and by DIYers.

Hammer Drill Vs Rotary Hammer

When it comes to masonry jobs, you either are rotary hammer vs hammer drill. Both the hammer drill and a rotary hammer are capable of drilling into concrete.

While working, they both spin, thereby pulverizing the concrete and pounding the bit.

However, the main difference between a hammer drill and a rotary hammer is its pounding mechanism of operation.

With a rotary hammer, the pounding process works as its piston compresses a cylinder of air, in turn resulting in a beaten bit.

With the hammer drill, its pounding mechanism works when the impact is a result of the click in and out of 2 ribbed metallic disks against each other.

Corded (Electric) Vs Cordless (Battery-Powered) Hammer Drills?

If you have any of these two or both, you may ask what is the difference between the corded drill in your toolbox and the new sleek cordless drill laying still on the workbench? Don’t have any yet? Wondering which one to get and why?

The main difference between the corded vs cordless hammer drill is pronounced and that is its mobility.

With the cordless drill, you can move however you please and wherever, doing your job happily until your battery is exhausted. With the cordless hammer drill, the main limitation is its Battery. But as long as you have charges on your cell, you are safe.

With the corded drill, you don’t need to worry about Battery as long as you have a steady electricity supply. However asides its limitation of mobility which most people fix with the use of cumbersome extensions cords, it is mainly reliant upon electricity. Once there is a shortage in power or an electrical problem, that is the end of work unless you have a cordless hammer drill to backup.

It is advisable to get both primarily as a professional, you should have a cordless hammer drill as a backup, and vice versa in case need be for it.

However, asides mobility there are other things to consider in regards to corded or cordless like battery life, torque, power, lifespan, etc.

When it comes to the lifespan, the corded hammer drill, is a great option. As the best cordless hammer drills work with batteries and batteries, don’t last forever. The cells of the cordless hammer drill may last for years, but the corded hammer drill will last for a decade of years.

The battery lifespan of the cordless hammer drill is not guaranteed, but electricity could be secured and created with the aid of inverters and generators.

When it comes to mobility and convenience, the cordless hammer drill takes the lead. There is no power cord limitation, and you can always put in the battery and get on with the job. The drawback of this may be the time is taken to charge the batteries, but asides from that, the cordless hammer drill is not cumbersome, very portable, mobile and provides convenience.

Regarding handling, size, and weight, the corded hammer drills take the lead. Handling the corded hammer drill is comfortable, and it has a size and weight which is convenient, the battery does not weigh much as well.

Most professionals tend to carry a corded hammer drill along to their job site. The reason being that cordless hammer drill seldom is challenging to handle and fit into certain positions, but with the corded hammer drill, handling is more comfortable and convenient.

When it comes to torque and power, corded hammer drills are more potent than the cordless hammer drill. The corded drills also have a constant supply of a hundred and ten volts of electricity while the cordless hammer drill has to struggle with its battery of 10, sometimes 18 or 20 volts to run.

Specifications And Buying Guide Best Cordless Hammer Drill

Powerful Motor: A drill with a more powerful motor would enhance and increase the general action and speed of the drill, thereby curtailing the motor from burning out. If you will be doing subtle tasks around your home, then a motor power that ranges from between 5 – 8 amps is safe, convenient and sufficient for you to use.

With the power range of between 5 – 8 amps, you can drill up to half an inch into any mortar, block, brick or any other light masonry. These drills can also bore holes into concrete. However, boring holes into concrete would take a more extended amount of time to accomplish.

Impact Energy: The impact of a corded hammer drill is more because it has a higher voltage and higher torque.

However, hammer drills with single speed are lighter, and they have only one-speed gear. The single-speed hammer drills are used to drill into materials like plastic, aluminum, and wood.

However, two-speed hammer drills provide a much more substantial impact. With the two-speed hammer drill, you have two levels of gear speeds to choose from. The two-speed hammer drill offers an effect of more drilling power compared to the single-speed hammer drill.

For the two-speed hammer drill, its first gear has a slower RPM with higher torque. Its second gear comes with a faster RPM; however, the torque force is more gradual. Two-speed hammer drills are used to drill holes in materials such as metals or wood.

Voltage: A cordless hammer drill is powered by a battery, usually a volt lithium-ion battery that is between eighteen to twenty volts. Batteries power hammer drills and are portable and very mobile.

You can carry them around with you anywhere and any place around the world. However, corded hammer drills use a voltage of 110V but are extremely cumbersome to move around.

Drilling Speed (RPM/BPM): The torque determines the drilling speed. The higher the torque, the higher the force and power produced by the drill.

The drilling speed is merely the number of revolutions or rotation (rpm) that the drill can perform in a minute. The higher the RPM is, the faster the drill. Cordless drills operate at an average of 1500 rotations in a minute. However, the speed of a corded drill is higher, and it has a rate of 2000-3000 rotations per minute.

Drilling speed is also dependent on the surface or the type of material you will be working on and with. Drilling holes into less dense materials like plastic or wood or plastic will require lower and less speed, but with challenging materials like concrete or metals, a higher speed rate is necessary.

Also, some hammer drills can show how much Blows Per Minute (BPM) can be produced on hard building materials such as concrete, stone, or bricks.

Torque: The torque is used to measure the power and the speed of the drill. The torque is the quantity of force that powers the drill and aid to rotate the drill bit into the required positions.

An increase in the amount of torque means an increase in the amount of force or power produced by the drill.

Chuck Size: The chuck size of the hammer drill is a significant determinant of the size of the hammer drill. The chuck is located at the end of the drill. The drill bit is attached to the chuck.

The dimensions of chuck do vary; it could be half an inch, ¼ or ⅝ inches. Some hammer drill models come with a keyless chuck. A keyless chuck means that you do not require any tool to remove or attach the chuck.

Handy Operator Features ( Handle grip/ Trigger, etc.): The design of most power drills is ergonomic. The grip and trigger should be soft to aid comfort. Does it have a feature like a lock-on for the trigger button with this you don’t have to hold the trigger down for an extended period for it to work?

A good hammer drill should come with an ergonomic operational handle grip and trigger. This requirement is essential because when working with such a tool for an extended period, there is a lot of stress and pressure involved and this affects the hands, arms and could extend to other parts of the body like the waist or legs.

So it’s important to look at these comfort features and design when purchasing a hammer drill.

Drill Accessories: A good hammer drill should encompass other accessories like drill bits that would make drilling work easier. However, you should never forget your safety drill accessories like your helmet, safety glasses, etc. whenever you are working.

Ten Cordless Hammer Drills Reviews: Now you know what a hammer drill is and what to look out for when purchasing one. Do you want to buy one? We would further make your search easier by reviewing the top ten Best Hammer drills around.

Bottom Line

Now you know what the best cordless hammer drill is, the best hammer drills around and you now can go on to purchase them.

However, do forget to check if the tool is well balanced, lightweight, and if it has convenient and comfortable features like an ergonomic and extra handle.

Also, ensure you check for a drill with safety features and then you can analyze the one within your budget.

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