Best Circular Saw Under £100

Best Circular Saw Under £100

If you are a woodworker who needs a sawing device within your budget, then you are on the right page that helps you to pick the best circular saw under £100.

All the recommendations offer high value to your investment. So, select any one as per your requirement, and you will not feel disappointed.

Circular Saw Under £100 Purchase In 2023

Here are our 5 best circular saw under 100 in the UK market.



  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Blade Length: 120 MM
  • Speed: 4200 RPM

Worx WX437 is a compact circular saw designed to cut various materials, including wood, tiles, bricks and even metal. It includes three different blades to deal with all these matters. Hence, this model could be the best circular saw under 100 pounds if you have DIY projects involving multiple targets.

The Worxsaw comes with a high-intensity 800W motor, which has a no-load speed of 4200 RPM. So, it offers 15 per cent more power than regular engines. Hence, this engine is more efficient when compared to its competitors.

Whether we talk about design, longevity or performance, the WX437 overshadows all other circular saws available at this price range. At 4.2 kilograms, it’s lightweight. Plus, this model has a long power cord for convenient usage and significant reach. As the Worxsaw is powered by electricity, it never runs out of juice in the middle of a project.

Worx WX437 has a blade size of 120mm x 9.5mm, and its maximum cutting depth is 42.5 mm. You can adjust its depth as per the requirements. This unit has an ergonomic design and a slim grip for comfortable and easy usage. Apart from that, the Worxsaw has a laser guide placed perfectly to allow straight and accurate cuts.


2. Makita DSS611Z 18V Circular Saw

Makita DSS611Z

  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Blade Length: 165 MM
  • Speed: 3700 RPM

If you are looking for a top-quality circular saw under £100, then Makita DSS611Z deserves your attention. It has a long-lasting built, safety features, and multiple features that help you in a wide range of projects. Moreover, this is a cordless model. So, you can use it virtually anywhere.

At 3.36 kilograms, Makita DSS611Z is a lightweight sawing machine. In addition, it is compact and powerful due to its efficient brushless motor. So, you don’t have to worry about cutting results or precision. Moreover, the engine never seeks any maintenance.

Makita DSS611Z has a maximum working speed of 3700 RPM, which deals with all the materials without any hassles. Its bevel cuts are available from 0 to 45 degrees. Hence, this circular saw under 100 UK is suitable for a variety of cuts.

The circular saw has a maximum cutting ability of 57 mm at 90 degrees, 40 mm at 45 degrees and 36 mm at 50 degrees. It has a robust aluminium base for long-lasting performance. But, there are no LED lights or electronic brakes. Also, it does not include a battery or charger.


3. HYCHIKA Mini Circular Saw – CS-85C

HYCHIKA Circular Saw

  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Blade Length: 25 MM
  • Speed: 4500 RPM

Hychika mini circular saw is one of the best-corded models available with a 500W copper motor that generates a maximum speed of 4500 RPM. So, it gives you the best performance and lets you deal with all the DIY projects without raising any concerns. Moreover, this product is available at an inexpensive price tag.

This circular saw under 100 UK comes with three blades, 30T HW, 36T HS and grit diamond to go through wood, metal, and tiles. Apart from that, it can cut plastic, PVC, and plasterboards. So, this sawing tool is perfect when your projects involve a variety of materials.

Another positive point of the Hychika mini circular saw is its accuracy. This model comes with a laser guide that helps you to keep the cutting line straight. Moreover, it also has a parallel direction to maintain precision.

Hychika mini circular saw weighs only 3 kg. So, it’s straightforward to use. Moreover, it has an ergonomic grip that keeps you comfortable and balanced. Hence, even beginners can utilise this sawing tool to generate high-quality results.


4. Bosch 06033B1300 PKS 18 LI

Bosch 06033B1300

  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Blade Length: 48 MM
  • Speed: 3800 RPM

If you want to enjoy the comfort and convenience of cordless mobility without investing a significant amount, then Bosch PKS 18 LI deserves your attention. This 18V device has a maximum no-load speed of 3800 RPM. Its parallel guide maintains a straight cut throughout. So, it can deal with timber, laminate and panel materials.

The circular saw comes with a 150 mm blade, specially designed to deliver precise and clean results. Its maximum cutting ability is up to 48 mm. Then, the unit has a mitre cutting limit of up to 36 mm at 45 degrees. Moreover, this unit has an integrated vacuum cleaner adapter, which helps you maintain a clean worksite.

Bosch PKS 18 LI is a compact circular saw under £100 with an ergonomic design for easy operation and great control. Plus, it’s lightweight at 2.2 kilograms. On top of that, this model uses a Syneon chip to control the energy for every project.

The PKS 18 LI is the best circular saw under 100 pounds because it gives you some extra peace of mind. This product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years, which could be extendable to 3 years if you register it on MyBosch.


5. BLACK+DECKER Circular Electric Saw – BDCCS18N-XJ


  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Blade Length: 140 MM
  • Speed: 3700 RPM

Black+Decker BDCCS18N-XJ is the best cordless circular saw under £100 because of its lightweight and compact built, valid for a wide range of applications. Its battery dependent nature makes sure you don’t have to deal with any cable management. Moreover, this unit has a maximum no-load speed of 3700 RPM, ideal for cutting plastics, plywood and wood.

The BDCCS18N-XJ has a 140 mm blade with a maximum cutting depth of 43 mm. So, it’s helpful in almost all the woodworking projects. Apart from that, this unit easily converts from rip to angle without using any special tools.

If you want to enjoy multiple benefits of a circular saw without investing a significant amount, then Black+Decker BDCCS18N-XJ could be the perfect investment. It does not include the battery or charger. So, purchase these items separately.



A circular saw is helpful in almost all woodworking projects. You will be surprised to know that some professionals complete all their construction tasks using such a device. Fortunately, the UK market has plenty of inexpensive circular saws.

WORX WX437 is the best circular saw under £100 because of its smooth motor, multi-materials blade, compact built and easy operation. Makita DSS611Z is also a great circular saw under 100 UK if you like to go cord-free. Other suggestions are equally valuable. It all depends upon your requirements.

Last Updated on January 1, 2023

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